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Our team at Gilbert Painting Service wants to provide you with a range of service options to suit any property. From residential projects to ones that are on a larger scale, our specialized services can ensure your needs are met from start to finish. We can tackle smaller home repairs such as cabinet refinishing and fence and deck staining and also work on more complex tasks like interior and exterior painting as well as wallpaper removal, popcorn removal, and texturing for walls. With an experienced staff that has the skills and know-how to take on any project regardless of how big or small it might be, we guarantee you won’t find better services than what we have to offer.

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Are you in search of a painting service to help bring life and brightness to your property in Aubrey, Texas? Look no further than Gilbert Painting Service! We provide a range of painting services for both residential and commercial customers. From painting individual rooms to entire properties, our team of experienced painters will work with you to create the vision you have for your space. To ensure that the end result is perfect, we only use the highest quality paints, materials, and tools.

In addition to our painting services, we offer several other maintenance options to keep your property looking its best in Aubrey, Texas. This includes power washing and drywall repair. Our commitment is to always deliver exceptional service and professionalism throughout the process. Our punctuality and respect for your property are two key components of what sets us apart from the competition.

Start transforming your property today by scheduling a consultation with Gilbert Painting Service! Let our professional paintjob make a difference in Aubrey, Texas – one brush stroke at a time.

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Specializing in interior painting and exterior painting, texture work, popcorn removal, faux finishing, cabinet finishing, and fence and deck staining.

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Enhancing Your Home with Gilbert Painting Service in Aubrey, Texas

Welcome to a world of color! Are you considering updating your home with a fresh coat of paint? No matter the size of the project or the style of your home, Gilbert Painting Service in Aubrey, Texas, can bring your vision to life. In this blog post, we will outline the benefits of hiring Gilbert Painting Service for your interior and exterior house painting needs. From outstanding results to an enjoyable customer experience, discover the many reasons to trust Gilbert Painting with your home’s transformation!

High-Quality, Professional Results:

Gilbert Painting Service is known for providing top-notch service and delivering exceptional results that will make your home stand out. With a team of experienced, industry-qualified professionals, Gilbert Painting ensures that every project is meticulously completed with the highest level of craftsmanship. Rest assured, the final product will be a work of art that you will be proud to call your own.

Time and Cost-Efficiency:

DIY or hiring an inexperienced painter might save you money upfront, but the decision could end up costing you more in the long run, both in terms of money and time. When you hire Gilbert Painting Service, you can expect an accurate estimate of the project’s cost and a realistic timeline. We will work diligently to minimize disruptions to your daily life and complete the job within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Experience and Expertise:

Painting your home’s interior and exterior can be a tricky process, requiring knowledge of the right techniques, materials, and tools for the specific surface and weather conditions. The experts at Gilbert Painting Service have that knowledge, allowing them to choose the best paint for the job and expertly navigate the complexities to deliver a superior finish. You can trust our professionals to select and apply the right paint products that will protect your investment in your home.

Cleanliness and Safety:

A professional team such as Gilbert Painting Service understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment. We take precautions to protect your property and belongings, adhering to the highest safety standards while using specialized equipment and materials that are environmentally friendly. At the end of the job, your freshly painted home will be free of debris and mess, allowing you to enjoy your space immediately.

Customization and Flexibility:

Every home and homeowner have unique tastes and requirements. When you hire Gilbert Painting Service, we listen to your vision, understand your needs, and work closely with you to achieve the perfect color palette and design. We recognize how important it is to express your personality and preferences through the colors and finishes you choose for your home. That’s why we strive to create a harmonious balance between the practicalities of home protection and the artistic expression of your décor preferences.


In conclusion, the decision to hire Gilbert Painting Service for your interior and exterior house painting needs in Aubrey, Texas, is one that you will not regret. With our team of industry-qualified experts, we provide high-quality, professional results that are both time and cost-efficient. Our expertise, cleanliness, safety, and customization services ensure a satisfying and stress-free experience for homeowners. Allow us to help you transform your living spaces into a visual masterpiece that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Contact Gilbert Painting Service today and bring color to your world!

Interior House Painting

  • Interior House Painting
  • Color and Paint Selection (Including Matching)
  • Mill Work Painting
  • Interior Door Painting
  • Crown Molding Painting
  • Chair Rail Painting
  • Cabinetry Painting
  • Casework Painting
  • Window Casement Painting
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Customs Textures, Color Consultation, and Custom Designs
  • Fixture Painting
  • Furniture Painting
  • Cathedral, Box Beam and other intricate ceiling painting

Exterior House Painting

  • Exterior House Paining (Condos and Townhomes)
  • Siding Painting
  • Cedar Shingles Painting and Staining
  • Deck and Porch Painting
  • Gutter, Downspout and Iron Work Painting
  • Garage Painting
  • Concrete Foundation Painting
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Pergolas’ and Exterior Structures
  • Fence Painting
  • Exterior Fixtures
  • Preparation and Clean-up


  • Tenant Improvement
  • Color Consultation
  • Hospitality
  • Institutional
  • Medical
  • Multi-Family
  • After Hours Work
  • Retail
  • Various Textures and Applications
  • Property Management Support

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