Spring is right around the corner!

Patio parties, pool parties, family or neighborhood get togethers are coming….
Does your home need to be “dressed to impress” with a fresh coat of paint?

  • Is your current paint fading from the harsh Texas sun?
  • Does your exterior paint color complement your home, or does it look plain and simple?
  • Typical DFW Homes are bland in their exterior colors

White trimmed houses with white gutters and a grey roof are the norm.
Stand out from your DFW neighbors and “kick it up a notch”.

It’s time to choose colors that reflect YOU, after all, you’re like no one else, why should your home be?

Imagine walking down your street and looking around at all the houses in your neighborhood. What are the first words that come to mind? Is it: “Cookie cutter?”   This is your home… not just the interior, but the exterior paint is your playground to play with!  And as a side benefit, make your neighbors jealous when your home is the stand out on the street!

Time to paint the exterior of your home however you see fit and be ready to enjoy this warm weather with pride!

When it comes to exterior painting your home Paint it to reflect individual just like you!  

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