Q: “My house is mostly brick.  Why do I need to worry about exterior paint?“ 
A:  Even on a brick home, the fascia and trim are wood and need to be painted to be protected from the harsh summer weather.  The fascia and trim are your transition from brick to roof and are the first impression of your home.  What does yours say?

Q: “How do I choose a color to paint my exterior?”
A:  As addressed to the left– typical DFW Homes are bland in their exterior colors:   White trimmed houses with white gutters and a grey roof are the norm. It is much easier to change the color of your trim and fascia than to change the color of your BRICK or ROOF!  Your colors may want to complement the brick, the gutters, or the roof.  For example, if your roof is your standard grey, make it stand out by choosing a darker color trim that flatters the brick.   Ask me for a free quote and consultation for your options. Call 214-243-0831
Q:  “I’m selling my home this summer? What do you recommend?”
A:  Exterior Painting on your home can make or break the curb appeal. Half of the battle in selling a home is making sure that your paint matches the gutters.

Q:  “Why do I need to hire Gilbert Painting Service?  Can’t I do it myself?”
A:  Of course you can, do it yourself.  However, we have the equipment and scaffolding to be able to safely and quickly get the job done.   How many times have you started a weekend project to only have life get in the way and the project sits partially completed over time.  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your weekends?  Call Gilbert Painting Service for a F*R*E*E quote and consultation….. then decide.  Call 214-243-0831