paint trends2021 saw more than half of all homeowners take on renovating and decorating projects. For some, it was a way of easing the burden of remote work and homeschooling. For others, it was a way of boosting home values prior to a sale.

With mortgage interest rates swelling to over twice the January rates, many homeowners now see renovating and redecorating as a good alternative to searching for a new home.

Interior and exterior painting remain two of the more popular options in that realm. If you’re wondering what paint trends are hot at the moment, keep reading for our quick guide.

Interior Paint Trends

Many homeowners fret more over their interior colors. It makes sense since you must look at those colors every single day.

Green is the color to beat this year in terms of color trends. It’s proven particularly popular with kitchens.

Natural colors are also seeing a real uptick in interest for all the rooms in the house. It’s also a nice way reminder for everyone when winter truly sets in, and things get gray outside.

Classic colors, such as white and neutral blues, remain perennial favorites for high-traffic spaces like kitchens and living rooms.

Exterior Paint Trends

When it comes to exterior colors, some people favor bolder colors this year. Bold colors make a statement and, as long as other houses in the neighborhood share the bold color aesthetic, go for it.

As a general rule, though, you can’t go wrong with traditional neutral colors. White, grays, and blues remain go-to options for homeowners because they won’t put off potential buyers or anger your homeowners’ association.

Plus, if you choose a neutral as your primary color, you can often get away with something bolder as an accent color on window frames and shutters.

Hiring a Painter

Interior painting often gets touted as a DIY-friendly project, and in some senses, it is. The challenge most homeowners face is that they can’t keep a room closed off for weeks to complete the job properly. Beyond that, getting a smooth, clean paint job takes some skill.

Hiring a professional painting service for your interior or exterior painting needs let you eliminate most of the problems you get with DIY projects. Professionals will get the job done as quickly as is reasonable and let you get back to your regular routines.

When you look for a pro, ask around for recommendations and look for a business with some experience under their belt.

Paint Trends and Your Home

Opting for redecorating or renovating your home opens up a world of possibilities. If you’re just looking for a visual refresh in your home, though, few things can beat new paint.

If you’re looking to stay current with paint trends, greens are popular for interiors. Plus, you can really never go wrong with neutrals. For exterior painting, bold colors gained some ground with homeowners, but neutral colors remain the decided favorites.

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