Commercial Painting Services

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Enhance Your Commercial Space with Expert Painting Solutions

Meeting the demands of a commercial painting project requires a structured and concentrated strategy from the outset. At Gilbert Painting and Construction, our team of commercial painting experts is dedicated to providing a superior experience and delivering professional outcomes consistently. We specialize in offering professional commercial painting solutions to diverse business sectors and structures, catering to a range of needs and requirements.


Office Space

Our office space painting service is designed to create a professional atmosphere for your workplace. Delivering exceptional results with minimal disruption.


Medical Buildings

Our medical building painting service ensures a clean, professional, and welcoming environment for patients and staff alike.


Using high-performance, industrial-grade paints, our expert painters ensure a resilient finish that withstands the rigors of a factory environment.



With a focus on high-quality finishes, our skilled painters use durable, easy-to-clean paints that stand up to the demands of a busy restaurant.


Our church painting service is dedicated to preserving the beauty and sanctity of your place of worship. With careful attention to detail and respect for sacred spaces.


Apartment & Condos

Whether updating common areas or individual units, we ensure minimal disruption and a professional result that adds value to your property.


Retail/Shopping Centers

Using high-quality, durable paints, our skilled painters deliver a professional finish that enhances the visual appeal and longevity of your retail spaces.


Fitness Centers/Gyms

Our fitness center and gym painting service is designed to create a motivating and clean environment for your clients.. We enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fitness facility.



Our warehouse painting service is tailored to improve the durability of large industrial spaces. We focus on safety and efficiency, delivering a professional result.



Our school painting service aims to create a vibrant learning environment. We can deliver a flawless finish that stands up to the daily wear and tear of an educational setting.


State & Government Facilities

Our state and government facility painting service is dedicated to maintaining the professionalism and integrity of public buildings.



Our hospitality painting service is tailored to elevate the ambiance in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues. Therefore, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.